Does it have to be expensive in order to be fashion?

Fashion can change in the blink of an eye. Through the eyes of people who are in no direct contact with the fashion world, fashion isn’t something that plays a very big role in day to day activities. I mean, there’s no doubt that hours and days are spent by the average human being in one month simply shopping. But do these people actually know the amount of thought that has gone into the apparel that is being slung around on their one arm as they meander through the never ending rows of shops? No. 

In the fashion world, everything is done one season early. In the spring, fall fashion is being sorted through. In the winter, spring fashion is getting prepared.And the cycle goes on… The amount of thought gone into one piece is unimaginable. People don’t realize that what they buy in a typical Hollister or Charlotte Russe is something that went on the runway 6-7 months ago. Yet, they are charged just a few dollars below the first price. They think that good clothes and suitable fashion is required to be expensive and look down on the shopping moms that hover in the “Sale” section of the store. And when did the idea even come about that the people who buy clothes from the expensive part of the store have better fashion than the “Sale” fashionistas? In the end, they’re just clothes.

Honestly, I think it’s utter stupidity when people get that air of flashy show-offness when they adorn a brand name. What does it make them? Although it may sound cliched, why should you be defined by something you wear on the outside when the inside is what really counts? 

And besides that, what about the people who live in the less economically developed part of the world? What about them? They don’t have access to the hot couture brands and they still manage to be fashionable. 

Does it have to…